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Most of users apply basic function of Excel. There are functions and formulas in advanced Excel which can be used for complex calculations. The functions are designed for easy lookup and formatting of large pool of data whereas the advanced excel formulas and tools are implemented to get new information in presentable way from a given particular set of data in short time.

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Advance Excel

Key Features

Work Scheduling

Assigning the work tasks to the team members is one of the most important job of the managers. This task must be performed by managers effectively so that the given project deadlines are met and the project is delivered successfully to the client. For this, managers take advantage of Scheduling feature available in the MS Excel spreadsheet software.

Basic Financial Accounting

Small and mid-sized organizations make use of MS Excel spreadsheet software for carrying out their accounting activities. They can create a basic accounting program or check book ledger that allows them to keep a track of the organization’s financial transactions. For making it more effective accountants can enter their deposits and expenditures onto each row, very much similar as they do it in the traditional ledger books.

Tracking Product Sales

MS Excel spreadsheet software allows the small business users to keep a complete track of their product sales. By doing these, small business owners can effectively design plans that will enhance their sales in the market. By maintaining a complete track of the product, business owners get a clear idea about the progress business has made over the specified time period and also helps them to identify the high and low sales trends.

Return On Investment

MS Excel software also allows you to track the Return on Investment accurately. The ROI gives the business owner a clear indication of how much investments have been made into the business and how much is the profit earned by the business. If the business owner is keeping a complete track of the sales, then they will also get an idea about how long it takes for them to reach break even or additional profit levels.


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