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Excel VBA - Macro

VBA is used in Microsoft Excel to create sophisticated tools that can be used in business, engineering, and science. VBA allows users a level of customization beyond what is typically available in Microsoft Office products, such as Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.

A user type commands into an editing module to create a macro. Macros then allow the user to automatically generate customized reports, charts and perform other data processing functions.

Within the finance industry, VBA for Excel is commonly used to develop and maintain complex financial spreadsheet models. Rapid design and analysis tools for engineering can be easily constructed in office applications using VBA.

VBA is a great all-in-one kit for customizing your Office experience. This approach is very popular and useful in corporates nowadays

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Excel VBA-Macro

Key Features

Saving Huge Time

It allows you to perform more sophisticated tasks that most people would do manually using the keyboard and mouse, and permanently automate them, saving lots of time.

Formula Not Required

It allows a level of analysis and manipulation to be performed that cannot always be done using formulas.

Works as Front End

The addition of being able to design user forms makes Excel more UI friendly for an end user if you develop it using user form VBA

Daily Routine Job is Very Simple

Imagine trying to delete 10000 rows based on the content of cell A. Can be done a number of ways, but with VBA it'll do it almost instantly. Code it well and you can be sure it's done properly first time around.


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