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Founder / CEO

Mr.Rashid Rizwi is an IT corporate training consultant and Microsoft Certified professional. He is serving corporate training requirement for last 24yrs. He has vast experience of corporate training needs from grass root level. He had started his career when DOS based application were ruling offices.

Coming towards his Qualification background, he did MCA(Master in Computer Application), Honours Diploma in Computer Science & Total Information & System Management (TISM) from Calcutta. He has trained so many corporate professional for TOSA(Test On Software Application) as well.

He is well known personality in corporate for MS Office training and MIS solution across country. He has been awarded as the best MS Office trainer amongst various Indian corporates, several times. He has been serving in this industry, when people were using Lotus spreadsheet instead of Excel, WordStar instead of Word, Dbase instead of Access and DOS instead of Windows OS. In fact this era was tough due to command interface software.

He has served thousands of corporate training requirements in his 24 years span of training consultancy career and has trained over 100 thousands of corporate Professionals across globe.

His core competency also comes in Open Source Office Products, such as LibreOffice, Apache Open Office, Neo Office, Google Docs, and Kingsoft Office etc.

He has done so many projects using VBA for corporate and implemented Libre Office Suite, Open Office Suit & MS Office in PAN India basis for thousands of users.

Mr. Rizwi is also known as “Mr. Excel” by many Indian Corporates.