MARS Training and Solutions provides a range of services on Microsoft Office Add-in development with the support of our deep application development expertise and 10+ years of office add-in development experience. Here are the services that we provide.

• Complete Requirement Gathering
• Microsoft Office Add-in development services
• Microsoft Word Add-in development services
• Microsoft Excel Add-in development services
• Web Service Plug-in
• Database Plug-in
• XML Validation


A complete corporate performance management solution with reporting, budgeting and dashboard, and data warehousing. We create advanced visual reports for project management as per Client requirement. We also automate report which make your life easier and develop Reporting Tools as well. Below are some of our development.

• Excel to Outlook (Bulk email automation)
• Creating dynamic dashboards
• Reconciliation of data and analysis
• Automating dashboard reporting
• Tracking sheet Automation
• Database Report/MIS automation


Migrating from one piece of software to another can be hard enough for an individual. For a large team or an entire company, it’s an IT nightmare. Because so many things can go wrong in such a long process, it’s important to plan out and follow any software migration carefully.
We will cover the different types of systems or software you might want to migrate, the challenges of migration, methods and solutions, a checklist for planning your own software migration, and some tools to help you perform it. We’ll also offer templates for different spreadsheet and project management tools that can help you map out the entire process and keep everyone accountable for its success.

• Accounting data x to y application
• MS Office to Open Office and vice a versa.
• MS Office to Libre Office and vice a versa.
• MS Office to Kingsoft Office and vice a versa.

Online learning modules development

Online learning is a platform for delivering education and training using Web based technologies to learners who are not physically present in one location. It is basically an effort to extend the reach of content to a large group of audience. It’s very cost effective and includes minimum infrastructures to make it happen. This is very popular way of learning due to time, location and device flexibility. Due to data travel speed enhancement and post covid situations, major crowd have already adopted this learning platform. We develop very interactive, user-friendly and effective online learning module as per client requirement for the following subjects. Subject wise customization is also available.

  • Basic and Advance MS Excel
  • Basic and Advance MS PowerPoint
  • Basic and Advance MS Outlook
  • Basic and Advance MS Word
  • Basic and Advance Excel VBA-Macro
  • Basic and Advance MS Access
  • Basic and Advance Open Office
  • Basic and Advance Libre Office
  • Basic and Advance Kingsoft Office
  • Basic and Advance Google Spreadsheets and many more…..


We have over 25 years of experience to ensure you help always.