Numbers & Character Separator Add-Ins


This will pick only Characters and blank spaces from mixed value of a Cell, i.e =CHARPICK(“EXC28EL”) will return EXCEL and =NUMPICK(“EXC28EL”) will return 28.

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‘Numbers & Character Separator Add-Ins’ Nowadays we use a lot of back-end software and tools. This throws the mixed raw data that needs to be separated further, to generate some kind of report. The major challenge here is that the raw data doesn’t have uniformity. When Numbers & Characters come together in a mixed way then it’s very difficult to separate them. This happens usually because there is no uniformity in data. For example EXC28EL, E28XCEL, EX28CEL, 2EX8CEL & EXCE28L, etc. It is very difficult for a user to extract numbers & characters separately from these data by any Excel function. This number & character separator add-ins will easily solve your issue.

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